Custom Built Exhausts

Here at Fife Exhaust we have the facilities to make our own custom exhausts, we have a great team with many years of experience in building bespoke custom built exhausts for every type of vehicle.

We can fabricate an exhaust to your exact specifications from the family car to performance, sports, prestige, 4 x4 or for those harder to find off the shelve exhausts for Classic, American and Japanese imports and also kit cars, because we custom build all of our systems on the car using only the best quality 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, each exhaust system is fitted perfectly to the vehicle.

We also custom make all our silencers in house so have a greater selection of silencers and noise level for the customer to choose from, we also have one of the widest selection of tailpipes designs to choose from so we are able to match your needs perfectly from start to finish.

So confident are we of our products and workmanship we offer a Lifetime Warranty with the stainless steel systems.