Exhaust Prices

Exhaust prices can range greatly from vehicle to vehicle so we always recommend Contacting Us to book a no obligation appointment for us to inspect you exhaust system.  The main reason we ask this is because we would like to offer you the lowest price available rather than quote you for a part that you may not need.

  • Repairs start from £10
  • Replacement rear section from £45
  • Centre sections from £45

Some vehicles (Kit cars, American, Japanease cars and certain makes such as Lexus, Mazda, Subaru) may not have an off the shelf system available or it may only be available from the main dealer at a high price. In these cases we can offer a price to manufacture the part in house, at our own premises, in stainless steel for a fraction of the price.  The work also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Exhaust Prices Fife, No Obigation Appointment

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